Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pre-Loved Books

Author: Scott Wallens
Novel: Week 1:Shattered
Condition: Good, read once, book is wrapped with plastic wrapper
Price: RM5

Author: Scott Wallens
Novel: Week 4 :Meltdown
Condition: Good, read only once, book is wrapped in plastic wrapper
Price: RM5

Author: Mary Janice Davidson
Novel: Undead and Unreturnable
Condition: In really good condition, read only once, looks brand new.
Price: RM10

author: Candace Bushnell
Novel: 4 Blondes
Condition: Second hand book which is in good condition
Price: RM8

Novel: Friendship Ring: Tommy, Fill in The Blanks
Author: Rachel Veil
Condition: Very good, book is wrapped in plastic so there are no stain and damages on book

Novel: The Chronicles of Narnia; The Magicians Nephew
Author: C.S. Lewis
condion: Very good, no stains, tears or damages, Book is wrapped in plastic wrappers
Price: RM15

Novel: Missing Links
Author: Rick Reilly
Condition: Good, has a little fold at the edges of the book but other than that its still in good condition just looks second hand

Novel: Island of the Blue Dolphin
Author: Scoot O'dell
Condition: Good, book is wrapped in plastic wrapper, no damages
Price: RM5

Novel; Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and other stories
Author: R.L Stevenson
Condition: looks new, wrapped in plastic wrapper
Price: RM10

Novel: The Lord of The Rings: the return of the king
Author: J.R.R Tolkien
Condtidion: Good, wrapped in plasctic.
Price: RM20

Novel: A series of unfortunate events: reptile room (Book 2)
Author: Lemony Snickett
Condition: Good, still looks new.
Price: RM20

Pre-Owned Tops

Pink Radioactive Vest
Condition: very good, never been used has been lying in my closet for 2 years but is in good condition
Size: M
Price: RM15 Original Price RM45
Code: PRV01

White Spaghetti Tank Top
Condition: good, never been used
Size: L
Price: RM10 original price RM25
Code: WSTT01

Turquoise Spaghetti Tank Top
Condition: Brand-new, never been used
Size: L
Price: RM10 Original price RM25
Code: TSTT01

White Spaghetti Top (RESERVED)
Condition: Brand-new, never used
Size: L
Price: RM10 original price RM45
Code: WST01

*postage fees would be an additional RM6(West Malaysia) & RM8(East Malaysia) for all tops

CD singles pre-owned (all are ORIGINAL!)

Gwen Steffani (The Sweet Escape) CD single imported from Australia
Condition: Brand-New, Never been used before
Song list:
1.The Sweet escape feat. Akon
2. Hollaback Girl (Harajuku Lovers Live Version)
3. Wind it Up (Robots To Mars Remix)
4. The Sweet Escape (Video)
*enhanced CD
Price: RM20

Ciara (Oh) CD single imported from the UK
Condition: Brand-new, never been used
Song List:
1.OH (album version)
2.OH (Kardinal Beats Radio Edit)
Price: RM20

Akon (I wanna Love You) feat Snoop Dog
CD single imported from Australia
Songs list:
1. I wanna Love You (Clean)
2. I wanna Love You (explicit)
3.Struggle Everyday
4. I wanna love you (Video)
*enhanced CD
Price: RM20

Snow Patrol (Signal Fire) CD single from Malaysia
Songs list:
1. Signal Fire (full version)
2.chocolate (live in Berlin)
3. Run (Live in Berlin)
4. Spitting Games
Price: RM15

Rihanna (Pon de Replay) imported from the UK
Songs List:
1.Radio Edit
2. Remix Feat Elephant Man
Price: RM20

* All CD's are brand new and never been used.
*Free shipping for those who purchase from West Malaysia, for those in Sabah & Sarawak an additional RM4 is charged for shipment

Pre-Loved Band Tee's

Pussy Cat Dolls Long Sleeve Tee
Brand-New, never been used
Size: M/L
Code: PCDst
Price: RM20

Black Sabbath Baby Tee
Brand-new, never been used
Size: M/L
Code: BSbt

*additional postage charges for these tee's is RM6 (west malaysia) & RM8 (east malaysia)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Juicy Couture & RadioActive purse

Juicy Couture (pre-loved)

Condition: Still in very good condition
Price: RM10 original price RM65 (sold)

RadioActive Pre-loved

Condition: Clean and in good condition, never been used before.
Price: RM10 original price RM45

Pre-owned bags & pencil case's

Sling Bag w/ skulls
Code: SBs01
Price: RM15

Knitted Bag
Code: KB01
Price: RM18

I Live For Whatever
Code: WH01
Price: RM10

Pink Skull & Girl Baseball
Code: PK01 (Pink skull) & GB01 (Girl Baseball)
Each RM9 buy both for RM15

Blue Case(L) & Brown Case (S)
Code: BC01 (Blue) or BC02 (Brown)
Price: Blue (RM6) & Brown (RM4)
both for RM8

*all items are brand new, never been used, and in good condition. They are only pre-owned